Results For “License In A Weekend” – July 30th-31st

2016-08-18SEMARA sponsored a class for the technician class amateur radio license.  The classes were held at the clubhouse at 54 Donald Street, Dartmouth, MA on July 30 and 31 from 10 AM to 5 PM on both days.  The total cost was $15.00 per person and this included FCC testing by lead instructor Bob Phinney K5TEC, a volunteer examiner, at the end of the class on Sunday. The results of the program are listed here together with the student’s hometown.

KC1GCY Bill Marsh – Tech and General – New Bedford
KC1GCX Allen Harris – Tech – Taunton
KC1GCW Cynthia Olive – Tech – Yarmouth Port
KC1GCV Ian Clark – Tech – Watertown
KC1GCU Ryan Marsh – Tech – New Bedford
KC1GCT Daniel Freney – Tech – Plympton
KC1GCS Robert Krupa – Tech – Acushnet
KC1GCR Mike McDonough – Tech – Grafton
KC1GCQ Janis Ricketson – Tech – East Weymouth
KC1GCP Montayo Cardoza – Tech – New Bedford
KC1GCO Kien Lang – Tech – Arlington
KC1GCN Kenneth Mingola – Tech – Westport
KC1GCM Michael Pell – Tech – East Sandwich
KC1GCL Ryan Saucier – Tech – Fall River

Enjoy your new privileges!

“License In A Weekend” Class & Exam – July 30th-31st

2016-06-13Update 06/20/2016 by W1RJC: W1MLD has provided more details and this story has been updated accordingly.

SEMARA will be sponsoring a class for candidates of a technician class amateur radio license.  The classes will be held at the clubhouse at 54 Donald Street, Dartmouth, MA on July 30 and 31 from 10 AM to 5 PM on both days.  The total cost is $15.00 per person and this will include FCC testing by a volunteer examiner at the end of the class on Sunday.

The lead instructor will be Marek Kozubal, KB1NCG on behalf of New England Amateur Radio, Inc. (NEAR).  Donations to NEAR will be accepted, but are not required.  Anyone interested in amateur radio is urged to attend.  To register or if there are any questions, please provide your name and telephone number in an email to SEMARA President Marcel, W1MLD – president [at] semara [dot] org.

FARA License In A Weekend Class – May 15th-17th

2015-05-13The Falmouth Amateur Radio Association (FARA) will be conducting a license in a weekend class for anyone interested in becoming a technician class amateur radio operator.  The class will be held this weekend, Friday, May 15, 2015 through Sunday, May 17, 2015.  More information and registration details can be found at the FARA web site.

SEMARA Exam Session Results – February 2015

2015-02-07Testing results for Saturday, February 7, 2015:

John Bandzul – New Technician
Gary Ash – New Extra
Richard Sadeck – Upgrade to General
Gary Izzo – Upgrade to General
Stephen Medeiros – Upgrade to General

VE Team:

Ray Arruda, KB1EVX
Marty Jordan, KA1YFV
Fred Bacon, N1TF

All in all, a good session.

Frederic S. Bacon, III, N1TF
SEMARA VE Team Leader
exams [at] semara [dot] org

Congratulations New Hams!

SEMARA’s VE Team Leader Fred Bacon, N1TF reports that Travis Rebello passed his Technician exam at the club’s VE session on Saturday, February 1st.

Additionally, Tony Souza, NN1D‘s graduating Technician license class that began in January yielded nine (9) new technician hams, including one who passed the General exam as well!  Congratulations to the following individuals who passed on Wednesday, February 5th:

Update 02/13/2014:  Call signs have been granted by the FCC and have been updated below.  Special thanks to Fred-N1TF for providing the list.

KC1BFX – Howard Wong
KC1BFY – Tony S. Vincent
KC1BFZ – Troy D. Vincent
KC1BGA – Scott P. Stanton
KC1BGB – Robert J. Enos, II
KC1BGC – Irene J. Harrop (N1PMB’s YL)
KC1BGD – Robert J. Enos
KC1BGE – Richard A. Krieger
KC1BGF – Joseph A. Tavares (+General)

Welcome to the exciting world of amateur radio everyone!  SEMARA would like to invite you all to become a member of our association.  The membership application is available in our ABOUT section.