ARRL June VHF QSO Party – June 12th – 14th

The ARRL June VHF QSO Party begins 1800 UTC Saturday and ends 0300 UTC Monday (June 12-14, 2010). The object is to work as many amateur stations in as many different 2 degrees by 1 degree grid squares as possible using authorized frequencies above 50 MHz. Foreign stations work W/VE amateurs only.

SEMARA member Rich, W2RG will be operating this event. He is encouraging other members to join him and writes:

I have equipment for 50, 144, 432, 903, 1296, 3456, 5760, and 10368 MHz (i.e., 10 GHz) that I will take in my van and operate at two or three beautiful sites around SE Massachusetts.

I have permission to operate next to the Race Point Ranger Station near Provincetown (a *gorgeous* site, FN42). I also expect to work from the Marconi Beach parking lot (FN51) near Wellfleet and from the Fairhaven Town Beach parking lot (FN41) on West Island. These sites should each offer great opportunities for VHF & up rover contacts up and down the east coast.

I’d like to invite one other Ham to join me for either Saturday or Sunday. You could ride with me in the van or take your own vehicle as you please.

You can respond by return email or phone me at 508-999-0834 to ask questions or make arrangements.

2m QSO Party – Sunday, May 30th


For full details, check out the document above. Adobe Reader is required.

Jim, WA1GPO writes:

I’m Jim, WA1GPO, one of the directors for (FARA) the Falmouth Amateur radio association. FARA is working to encourage operators to become more active. Generally speaking the amateur bands have been ‘quiet’; this may be due to the low sunspot activity or just the pace of the world we live in, we don’t know. We’re hoping to try to generate a little interest in the local area with various ‘on the air’ activities. Everyone appears to have a 2m radio so that seems like a logical place to start.

Our first activity is a 2m QSO party, it’s on Sunday, May 30 from 7:30 to 9:00 PM. Sunday evenings are generally quiet so hopefully most operators will find it a convenient time. The major objective is to simply encourage folks to turn on a radio and to have a little fun!! It is a simplex (direct) style of operation, repeater contacts do not count however repeaters may be utilized to solicit simplex contacts and to generate a little more activity!!

To make it a little more interesting we’re encouraging others in the SE MA area to participate as well. I’d like to ask your assistance in spreading the word; if your group has a local net perhaps the net control could mention the activity, a few fliers at club meeting would be helpful, a mention in the club newsletter, a mailing list … the more activity we can stimulate the better.

If this activity is successful we would like to do more; different bands, modes, VHF/HF, whatever sparks an interest. Comments or suggestions would be most welcome. Please feel free to invite other groups or individuals to participate.

If there are any questions, Jim may be reached directly – jvaldes [at] whoi [dot] edu