New Year Around The World QSO Party – 927.8375

Get ready to ring in the new year with the festive annual IRLP New Year Around The World QSO Party on the 927.8375 Dartmouth repeater!

The event gets started early enough for the New Zealand nodes to participate at 11:00 UTC, December 31st (6:00 AM local time) and continues until at least 10:00 UTC, January 1st (5:00 AM local time) when Hawaii rolls into the new year.  This is an open QSO party with no net control.  It is carried worldwide with the IRLP Crossroads Reflector 9200 being the central hub.

Locally, the 145.490 repeater is normally the South Coast Massachusetts affiliate for the New Year Around The World QSO Party.  Since the ’49 repeater is currently off the air, it will be carried in its entirety for the second year in a row on SEMARA’s 927.8375 Dartmouth repeater.  Enjoy and Happy New Year 2015!

Business Meeting – January 8th

Due to the holiday, we will NOT have a meeting on January 1st. It will be on January 8th, 2015 which is the following week. Please pass this along to other members. All net controls, please announce this message on your nets. Thank you, 73.

Joe K, N1IXC
SEMARA Vice-President

2015 Slate of Officers

SEMARA Election Day was Thursday, December 4, 2014.  Incoming Officers for 2015 are:

President (2015):
Marcel L. Dumont, W1MLD

Vice-President (2015):
Joseph E. Krisnosky, Jr., N1IXC

Treasurer (2015):
Michael J. McDonald, KB1NB

Secretary (2015):
Marc M. Dumont, KB1ODE

Board of Directors (2015):
Christopher W. Washburn, W1EAV
Martin F. Jordan, KA1YFV
Jean Pierre Chiron, AG1Y

Trustee (5 Year Term; Chairman in 2019):
Christopher W. Washburn, W1EAV

Zero Beat – December 2014

Zero Beat for December 2014 is now online, compliments of editor Bob,

Zero Beat front page image

Inside This Issue:

  • “Election – 2015”

  • It seems to me …
    Reminder: Editor Resigned
    “Point to Ponder”

  • Official Meeting Minutes – November 6, 2014

  • Tidbits
    “SEMARA Repeaters
    Local Repeater directories
    50/50 Raffle
    Club Activities
    Club Numbers
    New Life Member
    Next VE Session @ SEMARA

  • “SKYWARN Recognition Day”

  • “Nets, Fests and Other Stuff”

K1KVV Stepping Down as Zero Beat Editor

Editor Bob, K1KVV reports:

I will have published 135 issues since I assumed the Editor’s position in August 2003, beginning with my first issue in September 2003.  It is time for a new Editor.

I hereby submit my resignation effective with the publication of the December 2014 issue of Zero Beat – Volume 50, Issue 12.  I plan to work with my replacement to assure a smooth transition.

73 de Bob Kelley, K1KVV
Editor of Zero Beat, 9/2003-12/2014

Please join me in thanking Bob for his decade plus devotion to SEMARA’s monthly publication.  It is easy to take for granted all of the hard work required to create the final product that results in your reading pleasure.  I know this from my own experience in maintaining and adding content to the SEMARA web site and social media portals.  I’m sure Bob would appreciate your kind words and possible willingness to become the next Editor of Zero Beat – editor [at] semara [dot] org


Richard J. Cabral, W1RJC
SEMARA Web Committee

New Amateur Radio Licensee Program

New Amateur Radio Licensee Program

Note: Information on this program contained in this post is current as of April 7, 2014.  You can always find the most up to date information in the ABOUT section.

A new program began in March 2014 for individuals seeking an amateur radio license.  Its purpose is to provide the guidance and tools to advance the new amateur’s knowledge and skills, plus get them on the air.

For approximately $75.00, the prospect will receive a bundle package which includes your examination fee to become a technician class amateur radio operator, a life membership to SEMARA, a one year membership to the ARRL and the unconditional use (except for sale) of a Baofeng UV-5B 2m/220 MHz HT.

Conditions apply.  For complete information, see the document above or inquiries may be addressed to: newham [at] semara [dot] org.

Technician Class Starts January 8th

Tony, NN1D will be holding Technician license classes starting on Wednesday, January 8, 2014.  The class will run from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at the Dartmouth Police Department Training Room.  Classes are expected to run for four weeks, with a VE session to be held soon after.

If you know anyone interested in obtaining their Technician class amateur radio license, please contact Tony, NN1D at 508-525-0949, 508-579-2671 or by email – nn1d [at] arrl [dot] net.

SEMARA Position Vacancies (5)

Since we have just elected our 2014 officers, its a good time to mention that we have five vacancies that need to be filled.  The vacancies are as follows:

1) Technical Committee Chairman (Standing Committee)
2) Activities Committee Chairman (Special Committee)
3) Auctioneer (Supporting Position)
4) Historian (Supporting Position)
5) Flea Market Coordinator (Supporting Position)

More details on each of these committee’s duties are provided below:

1) Technical Committee Chairman

The technical committee exists to support all things technical at the SEMARA clubhouse. This includes clubhouse computers, network infrastructure (cable modem, router, webcam server, etc.), the club’s phone line, television, ham radio gear, towers, feedlines and antennas. This committee also works together with the repeater committee to support the wireless network link to the repeater site. The committee has five members at the present (KD1CY, NN1D, W1MLD, W1RJC, WA1ESO) and has had no chairman to lead the team for almost 2 years. President Marcel-W1MLD would appreciate someone to step up to this position.

2) Activities Committee Chairman

The activities committee exists to support all club member activities. This includes organizing and coordinating cookouts, chicken BBQs, special trips (i.e., to Boxboro, ARRL or Dayton) and more. This committee also works together with the radio events committee to help coordinate events such as ARRL Field Day each June or a special contest that the club is participating in. This committee has NO members at the present and has been vacant and virtually abandoned for at least 3 years. Why not step up to this committee and to help make the SEMARA club more active and attractive to members by coordinating fun events throughout the year?

3) Auctioneer

The auctioneer organizes and conducts auctions of donated equipment and other goods. Traditionally, this has been done at the conclusion of the club’s business meeting each month. The auctioneer also works together with the treasurer to transfer funds collected back to the club’s bank account.

4) Historian

The club historian keeps a record of historical documents and pictures and occasionally researches and interprets the past history of the club. In the early 2000s, a history of the association was first published by the late Bill-K1IBR, former club historian. The original digital copy of this publication has been lost. However, several hard copies of this book exist. One of the tasks of the historian would be to digitally scan and copy this publication to make it available on the club’s website. As time passes, the historian will keep the club’s history updated as new milestones are reached, with the occasional addition of newly discovered historical facts and tidbits.

5) Flea Market Coordinator

The flea market coordinator is responsible for organizing all aspects of the club’s annual flea market. Traditionally, the club has held its flea market in September of each year. The flea market coordinator works with the web committee to promote the upcoming flea market on the club’s website and social media accounts. The coordinator also works with the club treasurer for any expenses and income generated by the flea market. The coordinator additionally works with the activities committee which coordinates food and drinks offered at the flea market.

An always current list of contacts (officers and supporting positions) exists on the SEMARA website –  If anyone can assist in these vacancies, we encourage you to contact President Marcel-W1MLD – president [at] semara [dot] org.

Tech Talk: Generators by W1TAV – January 16th

Steven W. Belcher, W1TAV from FM Generator will be holding a Tech Talk on commercial and residential generators.  We will be discussing what the needs are for a generator for SEMARA.  Steve will also be available for questions afterwards. 

Time: Thursday, January 16th @ 7PM
Location: SEMARA Clubhouse, 54 Donald Street, Dartmouth, MA

For more information, contact: Dave, W1DJG – djg [at] pcswithease [dot] com.

Zero Beat – August 2013

Zero Beat for August 2013 is now online, compliments of editor Bob, K1KVV.

Zero Beat front page image

Inside This Issue:

  • “BBQ Chicken Served”

  • It seems to me …
    Point to Ponder

  • Official Meeting Minutes
    “50%/50% Raffle”
    “Traffic Handlers Picnic”
    “Repeater Upgrades”

  • Club Notes
    Club Numbers
    Local Repeater Directories
    Next VE Session @ SEMARA
    Local Nets
    Club Activities

  • SEMARA News
    “13 Colonies Special Event Operation”

  • SEMARA News (cont)
    “13 Colonies Wrap-Up”
    “50 MHz and Up Contests”
    “I’m Looking for a Roving Partner”

  • SEMARA News (cont)
    “Some More Special Events”
    “50 MHz and Up… Everything Else is Just DC”

  • Some Special Events
    Local VE Sessions