Zero Beat – May 2013

Zero Beat for May 2013 is now online, compliments of editor Bob, K1KVV.

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Inside This Issue:

  • “FLEAMARKET 2013”

  • It seems to me …
    Point to Ponder

  • Official Meeting Minutes
    Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

  • Club Notes
    “New Members”
    “Tech Talk”
    Club Numbers
    Local Nets
    Local Repeater Directory
    Club Activities
    Next VE Session @ SEMARA

  • SEMARA News
    “New England QSO Party”
    “Work 4 or 5 Contests at Once?”
    “New England Counties by State”

  • SEMARA News (cont)
    Annual Armed Forces Day Crossband Test”
    “May 2013 EMA Section News”

  • SEMARA News (cont)
    “”New England Counties by State (continued)”
    “NE QSO Party certificates”

  • Some Radio Events
    Local VE Sessions
    Coming FLEAS & FESTS

SEMARA Tailgate Flea – Saturday, May 11th

SEMARA Tailgate Fleamarket 2013

Eric, N1WCO has organized this year’s SEMARA Tailgate Fleamarket.  This is the first year that the event will be held in the spring as apposed to the fall.  The fleamarket will be held on Saturday, May 11, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the SEMARA Clubhouse.  For full details, check out the official flier above.  Adobe Reader or a PDF viewer is required.  Please contact Eric, N1WCO for more information – flea [at] semara [dot] org.

2013 SEMARA Elections – December 6th

Nominations for 2013 Officers, Board of Directors, and Trustee are now official.  A nominating committee was not established in advance this year.  At the November business meeting, nominations were opened and then closed until the December Business Meeting.

SEMARA Election Day is Thursday, December 6, 2012.  Voting will begin after the 7:00pm business meeting.  Here are your nominees:

Marcel L. Dumont, W1MLD

Joseph E. Krisnosky, Jr., N1IXC

Michael J. McDonald, KB1NB

Marc M. Dumont, KB1ODE

Board of Directors (3):
Andrew J. Reuter, WA1FNM
Eric J. Pierce, N1WCO
Armand F. Augustine, W1BUG

Trustee (1) [5 Year Term; 2017 Chairman]:
Henry R. Blanchett, Jr., W1GYL
David G. Dean, K1JGV

BBQ or Potluck Dinner – September 2011

SEMARA is tentatively planning on offering either a BBQ or Potluck Dinner.  If scheduled, it will be held on a Saturday sometime in the month of September.  Details have not yet been finalized, as SEMARA Board of Directors member Joe, N1IXC is looking for your input.  For more information, see Joe’s message below.

Joe writes:

South Coast Local BBQ Packages

At the last business meeting, Armand, W1BUG had some information about a caterer that would put on a BBQ dinner for the club. On Friday I called the caterer and talked to him about putting this on. He stated that we would have to get a minimum of 10 people. He could bring the cart to cook the food at the club, which would cost more, or we could pickup the food ready to eat from him. He sent me a menu and pricing which I attached to this email [note: see PDF document above]. I will also print the menu out and put it on the board at the club.

I will need a few people to help me set this up when and if this is going to happen. If someone wants to give me a hand on this, please send me an email. I will also have a sign up sheet at the club. For the date, I was thinking some Saturday in September. If anyone has any ideas or comments, please pass them along.

Thank you,

Joe K. N1IXC
joekris56 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Adobe Reader or a PDF viewer is required to view the above document.

ARRL Field Day 2011 – Call For Operators!

ARRL Field Day is the weekend of June 25th and 26th.  SEMARA needs operators in order to make our club station a success!  Please contact Ben, N1WBV if you are interested – bbj [at] innismir [dot] net.  In a recent email to club members, Ben writes:

OK, I put the bug in everyone’s ear a couple of months ago and now it’s time to start cracking. Field Day is June 25 and 26!

ARRL Website full of all kinds of info:

The previous years we have taken baby steps into trying to get a “Class A” station on the air. I would like to continue this trend and in 2011, get SEMARA completely “off the grid” and operate both days.

Some points to ponder:

* Last year our operators got killed by the sun (and the equipment got very toasty). We had to set up shop by noon. We need some kind of shelter this year. Also if we want to operate in the evening, we need a shelter that is bug proof!

* While I have a generator I lent to the cause last year, the thing was noisy enough that talking at the radio table was next to impossible.
Anyone have any ideas?

* There was some talk about pulling up stakes at SEMARA and heading out someplace else. Did anyone look into the venues they suggested?

* While I re-use the radios in the club, we need various bits and pieces to set up:

     * Coax
     * Antennas
     * Poles to mount antennas on
     * Surge Protectors

* We need people! A majority of the operation last year was done by myself, KB1UAM and my friend KB1TNF. Our second radio was left unused most of the time. If we want to run two days we need folks from 2PM Saturday to 2PM Sunday. Running the full 24 hours is not a big deal to me, but it would be nice to be in operation 12-16 hours during the event. Volunteer!

* This is a great way to show off the club and our clubhouse to hams and non-hams alike. Last year we had a visitor from Boston who was in the area and wanted to check us out. If we all pitch in, we can make this a great event.

Ben Jackson – N1WBV – New Bedford, MA
bbj [at] innismir [dot] net –

13 Colonies Special Event – Call For Operators!

Bob, K1KVV is looking for operators at SEMARA for “The Original 13 Colonies Special Event” which will be held July 1st to July 5th.  If you are interested in operating for this event, please contact Bob – w1aec [at] semara [dot] org.  Below is Bob’s email request of May 6th:

This event runs 24/5 – all modes on HF and simplex on 6-m and 2-m. It starts Friday, July 1 at 0001 EDT (1 minute after midnight) through Tuesday, July 5 at 2359 EDT (1 minute before midnight). So far, I have one volunteer for some coverage on Saturday and Sunday – really need to have at least a dozen Generals (or higher) for HF. If we can support this event, we’ll be operating as a Special Event station, callsign K2H.

I have emailed Ken-KU2US that W1AEC will be doing this.
I hope I don’t have to renege due to lack of SEMARA involvement.

~Bob-K1KVV :: Radio Activities

New Zero Beat Archive

Thanks to Tim, N1TI, we now have a huge addition to our Zero Beat newsletter archive!  Almost every issue from 1993 to present, plus various scattered issues from 1965 to 1990 are now available online.

If you happen to have old issues of Zero Beat hidden in a closet or drawer somewhere, please dig them out.  We’re looking for additional issues to fill the holes in our archive; primarily pre-1993.  Please contact the web committee if you can help us out – web [at] semara [dot] org.

Zero Beat – January 2011

Zero Beat for January 2011 is now online, compliments of editor Bob, K1KVV.

Inside This Issue:

  1. 2011 Election Results

  2. It seems to me …

  3. Club Notes
    Next SEMARA VE Session
    Club Numbers
    Local Nets
    Local Repeater Directory

  4. Official Meeting Minutes: December 2, 2010

  5. SEMARA News
    222 MHz Repeater
    Repeater Committee Updates

  6. More SEMARA News
    222 MHz Info & Buyer’s Guide

  7. Extra Class Exam Questions

  8. Some Contests
    VE Sessions
    (Coming Fleas & Fests – Nothing for January)
    Answer: Hammin’ Around
    Club Activities

Making SEMARA Better

I hope you will take a few moments to think about how and why you are a member of SEMARA.

There are lots of things we could be thinking about to make SEMARA a better amateur radio club. No, I’m going to tell you what to do – in fact let me turn that around and gather your ideas. Let me put it to you.

1. What was it that got you interested in becoming an amateur radio operator in the first place?
2. What is/was the reason SEMARA was formed, what is its mission? Let’s hear from all the old-timers out there!
3. What do we need to do to get you out to a Tech Talk? The last one was attended by a small crowd.
4. What can you do to attract, and keep interested, new hams?
5. What activities, and modes, do we need to get involved in to help keep us and the hobby alive and well into the indefinite future?
6. What kinds of workshops and training courses do you want us to organize and arrange to offer.
7. Are you interested in getting your own station in order?
8. How are your antennas and feed lines?
9. Are you interested in becoming an “Elmer” to a new ham?

What direction do you want SEMARA to take? What are we leaving out?

Let me hear from you!
~Bob-K1KVV [editor, ZERO BEAT]