Norm Benoit, WA1KDT, SK

It is with great regret that we announce the passing of SEMARA member Norman L. Benoit, WA1KDT, aged 75, of Fairhaven, MA. Norm passed away on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 and was a member of SEMARA since 1998.

He was the Godfather of Patricia Days, wife of Charlie, WA1JFD. We send our sympathy to his family for their loss. May he rest in peace.


147.000 Temporarily Reduces Power

From the SEMARA Repeater Committee:

You may have noticed intermittent crackle noises on weak signals when using the 2m repeater lately. Rick, W1RJC went down to the repeater site this evening to troubleshoot the issue. It was discovered that there is a potential problem with the antenna and/or feedline which is causing the repeater to “desense” (the repeater’s transmitter is getting back into the receiver).

To temporarily remedy the issue and make the repeater more usable, the repeater’s 100 watt amplifier has been turned off and the repeater is currently running 20 watts. The side effect is that the repeater will be slightly weaker on fringe areas, however weaker signals will not be as noisy getting into the repeater. This is an interim solution until the repeater committee has the chance to troubleshoot further.

Monthly RACES Net Moves to 147.000

Joe, N1IXC writes:

Tony Gomes, Ed Caron and myself just came back from a RACES meeting at MEMA. After a discussion about switching the net from Taunton to the Dartmouth repeater, it was approved. I know that the membership approved this a few months ago. This net is only once a month and it will be good for the club. It will start in the month of June. If anyone has any questions, please let me know. 73

Joe can be reached directly – joekris56 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Tech Talk this Thursday

There will be a Tech Talk this Thursday, March 18th, at 7:00PM put on by Charlie, WA1JFD. The topic will be Linux and it’s use in Amateur Radio.

This is our first Tech talk in quite some time and it sounds like Charlie is going to put on a good one. Come on down and learn some of the ins and out of a truly unique and completely free operating system for your computer!

(Hat Tip to Eric, N1WCO for sending a reminder to the discussion list)