Field Day 2009!

At the June Business meeting, Rob, KD1CY, suggested that we activate W1AEC for Field Day on Sunday, June 28th. There will be the traditional coffee and donuts in the morning with ragchewing and informal Field Day operating.

Update: Ben will be at the clubhouse (with Donuts) Sunday around 6 or 7AM to set up and start operating. Depending on the antenna situation, we will be running either 1D or 2D. Ben will be remaining there until at least noon, and longer if everything is hopping. Hope to see you there!

33cm Repeater Now On Site at SEMARA

Dave, W1DJG, writes on the SEMARA discussion list with some great news:

I would like to report that we have taken possession of Motorola MSF5000 900Mhz repeater.

I would like to that Louis W1CH and Chris W1EAV for all their help yesterday getting it and brining it to the repeater shack at SEMARA.

I would also like to thank Tony NN1D for the excellent work he did getting it put together for us and doing all the programming.

This is the next big step in establishing another 900MHz repeater on the South Coast. A big thank you to Dave, Louie, Chris, and Tony for all their hard work!

Echo/IRLP Update

You may want to refer to this page on the New England Repeater Directory (

All simplex nodes in MA are listed. Most of the IRLP nodes have standard codes: (*0 – node status /XXXX – The node number you want to dial would be an “X” /73 – clear node). EchoLink nodes have mostly standard codes: (Dial the node number / # to clear). If you are not sure about the node, contact the node owner or control operator.

You can listen to the space shuttle audio on IRLP reflector 9877 on either 147.000+, 145.490-, or my node 147.540s. Just dial 9877. You can also listen on EchoLink *NASA* conference #13599.

Chris Washburn, W1EAV
E-mail: w1eav-at-comcast-dot-net

OK Guys… Don’t Forget!

Valentines Day is this Saturday so don’t forget to get your YL or XYL that fine heart shaped box of truffles from Dorothy Cox in Fairhaven or your favorite fine candy store. Don’t find yourself in the dog house this early in the year!