SEMARA’s Clubhouse Addition Gains Steam!

2016-01-18Construction of a new addition, which will house the new SEMARA radio room, began this past summer when a former cellular communications shelter was placed on a newly built foundation behind the existing clubhouse.  Last month, construction kicked into high gear with the ground being graded, a floor and wall being added to attach the new building to the existing clubhouse and a roof being framed and shingled.

As construction continues, follow along with pictures from start to finish, with newer photos being added periodically at SEMARA’s Clubhouse Addition photo album.  The SEMARA Web Committee would like to thank Mike-W1BZJ and Michael Raposa for providing a majority of the pictures for this growing album.

2016 Site Updates

12/30/2016 K1KVV – Wrote new story “FARA 2-Meter QSO Party – January 23rd.”
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12/8/2016 K1KVV – Wrote new story “SSTV Transmissions from the ISS – December 8th & 9th.”
12/3/2016 K1KVV – Wrote new story “VE Session Results — December 3rd.”
11/10/2106 K1KVV – Wrote new story “Extra Class License In A Weekend – December 2nd-4th.”
11/7/2016 K1KVV – Wrote new story “2016 SKYWARN Recognition Day – December 3rd.”
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10/14/2016 K1KVV – Wrote new story “VE Session Results – October 1st.”
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9/9/2016 K1KVV – Wrote new story “Tech Talk on Solar Energy.”
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8/18/2016 K1KVV – Wrote new story “Results for “License in a Weekend” July 30th-31st.”
– Wrote new story “VE Session Results – August 6th.”
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5/13/2016 K1KVV – Wrote new story “Seeking Ops for 13 Colonies S/E Station K2H.”
4/13/2016 K1KVV – Wrote new story “Maritime Radio Day 2016.”
4/7/2016 K1KVV – Wrote new story “SEMARA Exam Session Results – April 2nd.”
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3/13/2016 W1RJC – The “Trustees” list on the “Contact Us” page still included last year’s chairman and didn’t include the year 2020’s.  Corrected this.
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2/11/2016 W1RJC – Wrote new story “John Williams, KB1EVY, SK.”
1/31/2016 W1RJC – Wrote new story “Don Mara, WA1PLT, SK.”
1/18/2016 W1RJC – Received January business meeting minutes from W1MMD via email.  Added it to the “Minutes” section.
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2016 Slate of Officers

SEMARA Election Day was Thursday, December 3, 2015.  Incoming Officers for 2016 are:

Marcel L. Dumont, W1MLD

Jean Pierre Chiron, AG1Y

Michael J. McDonald, KB1NB

Marc M. Dumont, W1MMD

Board of Directors:
Bradford E. Paiva, W1BEP
Joseph E. Krisnosky, Jr., N1IXC
Martin F. Jordan, KA1YFV

Trustee (5 Year Term; Chairman in 2020):
William E. Gifford, WA1HKJ

New 224.800 Repeater On The Air

2015-07-16After an 8 month absence, the SEMARA Repeater Committee has restored 220 MHz service via our brand new BridgeCom Systems ComLink™ BCR-220 repeater!  The new repeater went live at 9:05 PM on Thursday, July 16, 2015.  Like our 2-meter and 900 MHz repeaters, this repeater resides at our 180-foot tower site and its antenna (temporarily a Comet CX-333 shared with our 2m APRS station) is also atop the tower.  Full technical specifications can be found on our repeaters section.

This new unit replaces our old Hi-Pro repeater and uses our existing Bird Technologies/TX RX Systems duplexer that was purchased new by SEMARA in November 2010.  Maggiore Electronic Labs which manufactured our old repeater went out of business in the Summer of 2012.  Due to a frequency drift problem, it had been off the air since October 2014.  At the July 2015 SEMARA business meeting, a motion passed to purchase the new repeater and to sell the old one.  There may be an interested local buyer, however if they decide to pass on it, we will place the old unit for auction on eBay.

The new 224.800 MHz repeater runs 30 watts output power as apposed to old one which was 20 watts.  The temporary measure of the repeater’s outgoing CTCSS (PL tone) being different to stop desense (the transmitter feeding back into the receiver) is no longer necessary.  There is a small amount of desense that still exists due to the sub-par antenna arrangement, however it appears to be mild in our initial tests.  The new repeater is running 67.0 Hz for both transmit and receive.  If you had set your radio up for a split tone, you will need to reprogram your radio for 67.0 Hz on both encode and decode.  For the time being, the new repeater is running on its internal controller, which provides a basic CW ID and a short tail without a courtesy tone.

Future plans on the “to-do list” include interfacing the repeater to our brand new S-COM 7330 controller.  This is the same 3-port full-duplex controller we currently use on our 2-meter and 900 MHz repeaters.  A completed PiRLP node (IRLP and EchoLink node 4215/W1AEC-L) and UHF Motorola GM300 link radio are ready to be interfaced to this new controller as well.  When that happens, we plan to have this 220 MHz repeater full-time linked into the Quahog Repeater Network (QRN) via the link radio to the North Providence hub.

The repeater committee also recommends that the club approve the purchase of a dedicated 220 MHz repeater antenna to be added to the top of our tower.  This would be the Sinclair Technologies model SD214 four bay offset dipole.  The offset pattern should be east/west to add slightly more gain over the South Coast and less south to the ocean.  We should request for it to be black anodized with a lightning spike.  This commercial antenna will greatly improve the coverage and will resolve the desense issue that remains.  The existing Comet tri-band antenna that is temporarily being used should also remain.  It will continue to be used for our 2-meter APRS station and future UHF link radio, plus serve as a auxiliary antenna system for our 2-meter and 220 MHz repeaters should our primaries fail.

On Tuesdays, we plan to setup an automatic scheduler setpoint to separate the repeater from QRN and participate in “220 Tuesdays”.  Via IRLP, it will link to the New England Reflector 912 Channel 4 (reflector 9124, the NEAR-220 channel) for the day, where it will be linked with other participating 220 repeaters including the MMRA‘s five 220 repeaters that link through their “HUB2”.  220 Tuesdays is a similar promotion as “900 Thursdays”, which you can also participate on via SEMARA’s 900 repeater.  Both 220 Tuesdays and 900 Thursdays are New England-wide promotions to gain awareness and generate activity on the 220 MHz and 900 MHz bands respectively.

Be sure to keep current with future SEMARA Repeater Committee updates by subscribing to’s RSS feed, liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter!

Thank you,

Richard J. Cabral, W1RJC
SEMARA Repeater Committee

13 Colonies Special Event – June 30th to July 5th

2015-06-20The 13 Colonies Special Event Station K2H will operate from Tuesday, June 30, 9:00 AM Eastern (1300 UTC) until Sunday Night, July 5th, 24:00 (Midnight) Eastern (0400 UTC July 6th).

Plus two sister stations: WM3PEN and GB13COL.

WM3PEN will operate from Philadelphia, PA, where independence was declared. The 13 Colonies certificate adds a Liberty Bell for a contact.  WM3PEN will be on D-STAR each evening from 7-11 PM Eastern Time.

GB13COL will operate from Durham, England and will offer SSB, CW & Digital modes for the event. A Uniion Jack will be added for a contact.

K2H/W1AEC would like to operate both the first and last hours of the event period. We will be operation using a spreadsheet so their will be only one Massachusetts K2H station on the air at the same time using the same band, mode, and hour slot. That’s the easy way to be maximally present.

Any SE Mass station interested in joining K2H/W1AEC, just contact radioevents [at] semara [dot] org.

~Bob K1KVV
Radio Events

Mystery QSL Card

Dragan Mihajlovic, VE3FF poses at his ham shack in 2014.

Dragan Mihajlovic, VE3FF poses at his ham shack in 2014. Photo Credit:

Getting QSL cards as much as 5 years after a QSO is not uncommon for cards coming through the QSL Bureau.   However, one that arrived at the club last week was especially interesting.  If anyone knows where these “Rip Van Winkle” cards sleep for as much as 13 years, please let me know.  HI HI.  I have emailed the OM in Canada and thought folks here might like to have a look:

To: Dragan, VE3FF
From: John, WA1ESO

I am the QSL manager for SEMARA, W1AEC in Dartmouth, MA, USA.

I just received your QSL card dated April 4, 2015 through the QSL Bureau.

I will be sending you a QSL card on Monday direct to your QTH in Mississauga.

Many requests interest me, but yours really has me tickled.

The date of your 7 MHz QSO as listed on your card is June 23, 2002 (Field Day).


TNX FER UR QSL Card & 73


Clubhouse Cable Modem Update

2015-03-20_2For over a month now, the cable modem at the SEMARA clubhouse has been unstable, providing intermittent service.  Comcast technical support had previously informed us that the current SMC brand modem was outdated and needed to be replaced.  Marty-KA1YFV offered to disconnect the modem and bring it to the service center in New Bedford a couple weeks ago.  Unfortunately because we have a business account, they told him that they could not exchange it and a technician visit to the club was necessary.

On Thursday afternoon, Jeff-N1ZZN and Rick-W1RJC of the Technical Committee waited at the clubhouse for the scheduled appointment.  Our modem swap was completed around 5:30pm for a new Cisco DPC3939B, including the removal of a 15db attenuator which had been added without our knowledge at the utility pole tap.  A loose connection to the club’s TV adapter box may have been causing ingress, where stray RF might have been feeding back to the Comcast node.

After the technician left, Jeff and Rick realized that the node on both the 2m and 900 MHz repeater was not always sending and/or receiving internet packets on certain ports.  The club pays for 5 IP addresses and the modem is supposed to pass all traffic without any sort of port blocking or filtering, however that is not the case.  After consulting Tony-N1XRS who is an Advanced Technical Support representative at Comcast and spending another 4 hours at the clubhouse, a solution could not be found at this time.

While the internet connection at the club is now stable, there will be some intermittent issues with certain data not passing at times until this is figured out.  This may cause connections via IRLP and EchoLink on the 147.000 repeater and the connection via IRLP to NEAR-900 on the 927.8375 repeater to sometimes fail.

For wireless (Wi-Fi) users at the clubhouse, the legacy 2.4 GHz network is now called “SEMARA-2.4” .  If your device is 5 GHz capable, you will now see “SEMARA-5” as an available network.  Connecting to this one will provide you with better performance and security, since the 5 GHz band is a lot less crowded.  The Wi-Fi password itself remains the same as it is posted on the wall at the SEMARA clubhouse.  Finally, if you are a Comcast Xfinity customer, you will also notice an “xfinitywifi” network now available at SEMARA.  You may also use this network instead if you have your Xfinity account password.

Please note that the Wi-Fi information above might be subject to change in the event that we must switch out the modem once again to fix the current problem we are experiencing.  Due to time constrants, it may take a few weeks to figure out.  As always, we will keep you posted on with links via the Facebook and Twitter feed.

Clubhouse 12 Volt System & Wall Radios

2015-03-20On Thursday afternoon, Dave-K1JGV and Marty-KA1YFV of the Buildings and Grounds Committee discovered that the 12-Volt battery system at the clubhouse is in need of some work.  There are four batteries that exist inside of a “dog house” type structure behind the clubhouse close to the electrical closet side.  A rat/mouse nest was discovered inside sitting atop one of the batteries.  After the fuse holders were cleaned and fuses were replaced, it was determined that the batteries have reached their end of life and no longer hold a charge.  Lack of maintenance is partially to blame.

Contained within the clubhouse electrical closet is a couple metal enclosures attached to the wall which were originally built by the late Bill-K1IBR.  One box is the junction of the 12-Volt wiring system via a +12 VDC and ground terminal block.  The wires from the batteries outside, a 5-Amp trickle charger, the DC light bulb on the ceiling of the electrical closet and the 2m and 900 MHz radios on the clubhouse wall all terminate here.  In addition, another set of wires run to the second enclosure which contains relays for the emergency floodlights on the clubhouse ceiling that activate via relays automatically when commercial AC power is lost.

The temporary solution implemented by Jeff-N1ZZN and Rick-W1RJC of the Technical Committee was to take a spare 20-Amp power supply sitting on the radio room desk and install it in the electrical closet.  The leads that run from the wall radios to underneath the clubhouse and then up to the metal enclosure in the electrical closet were removed and instead connected to the temporary power supply which is currently sitting on top of the security camera system PC in the electrical closet.  The trickle charger that is meant to keep the batteries charged has been unplugged to prevent further damage.

The Technical Committee, in conjunction with the Buildings and Grounds Committee, will need to come up with a plan to replace the rotted “dog house” structure and batteries.  In the discussion between Rick and Dave, it was agreed that it may be best to get a similar container and battery that we currently have at the repeater site.  That current setup is also fairly new, having been setup by Brad-W1BEP a couple years ago.  Perhaps the membership will want to put this on hold until the building extension is completed at some point in the future, so that the positioning of the battery system for the clubhouse can be worked into the plans.  Dave recommends placing it on the south side with proper ventilation and a way to maintain a reasonable temperature of about 40 to 80 degrees.

March 2015 Business Meeting Canceled

2015-03-04_2With the snow coming in on Thursday, I am canceling the March SEMARA business meeting.  Let’s hope we can have a meeting in April when this weather gives us a break.  If all net controls could pass this message on to other members on the net.  If anyone has any questions please let me know.

Joe K, N1IXC
SEMARA Vice-President