I received a call today from one of our members, Sonny Eddleston (K1USW), who wanted to pass this message along.  He has a tower and some pieces of pipes with a discone antenna on the top. This is all the information I have about this, because he had to get off the phone. If anyone wants this, it would be all free. You just have to take it down. If anyone needs any more information, [send a message to w1aec [at] semara [dot] org and we will provide you with Sonny’s cell phone number]. He lives in Fairhaven, MA. Just passing the word.

73 Joe K N1IXC

2 comments on “Free Tower, Mast and Discone Antenna

  1. I am interested in more details regarding the tower. I am looking for something small for my QTH possibly mounted beside the house as an alternative to roof or chimney mount. Not a monster…..

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