Volunteer Needed for Ham Radio Class

A message on the BCRA-club LISTSERV said:

Joe Cote, KB1LJG… is the instructor at Kuss Middle School in Fall River, MA]. Joe will be out the last seven weeks of school due to shoulder surgery and is looking for a volunteer to pick up the ham radio class for that time. There will be a substitute instructor, but they will not have the ham radio background. The ham radio class is part of the regular Kuss curriculum, and the classes will be 3 days a week on Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday. Wednesday is from 12:30-2:00 PM, Thursday from 2:00-3:30 and Friday from 7:40 AM -9:00 AM. Wednesday April 29th would be the first class and it will end Friday June 12th.

Joe’s e-mail is: joecotekms-at-yahoo-dot-com

Member Assessment Fee Reminder

From K1KVV: An every member assessment of $10 was approved at the November 6, 2008 business meeting. The assessment is to offset the cost of re-grading the club grounds to improve drainage and provide a base for the handicap access ramp. The $10 assessment is being collected during the first quarter of 2009, beginning with the January business meeting and ending with the April business meeting. Members will be notified using the SEMARA announcement email list.

Members without an active email account will be notified via first-class US mail at their FCC address. Members, who cannot be reached or have not paid the assessment by the April 2009 business meeting, will be marked “in arrears.”

The Vice President will accept checks for the assessment. Make your check payable to SEMARA, write ASSESSMENT on the memo line. Mail to SEMARA-Assessment, 54 Donald St., Dartmouth, MA 02748

The Treasurer accepts cash – only at the business meetings.

Another 900MHz Repeater on the air!

John, N1UMJ writes on the NEAR-900 mailing list:

The N1UMJ repeater on 927.575/902.575 D051 in Rehoboth is now on the air and working well… Everyone feel free to use it and have fun.

With Dartmouth, Fall River, and now a Rehoboth repeater, plus with the upcoming SEMARA repeater, 900MHz is getting popular in the South Coast. If you are interested in learning more about this fantastic band, be sure to check out N1OTY’s presentation on the MMRA website.

Cape & Island Traffic Net Reminder

Eric, N1WCO writes on the SEMARA list:

Just an announcement for anyone interested, there is a traffic net on the new 147.375 Falmouth repeater with a PL Of 110.9 weeknites at 7:30pm.

Net Controls are usually run by either me N1WCO, Mike N2JWW, John N1UMJ

The net needs more check-ins and possibly a few more net controls…

If anyone is interested in checking in to the net.. feel free to do so, If anyone wishes to take over as a net control please contact Mike N2JWW

Mike’s e-Mail address is n2jww-at-arrl-dot-net

Echo/IRLP Update

You may want to refer to this page on the New England Repeater Directory (http://www.nerepeaters.com/simplex.htm).

All simplex nodes in MA are listed. Most of the IRLP nodes have standard codes: (*0 – node status /XXXX – The node number you want to dial would be an “X” /73 – clear node). EchoLink nodes have mostly standard codes: (Dial the node number / # to clear). If you are not sure about the node, contact the node owner or control operator.

You can listen to the space shuttle audio on IRLP reflector 9877 on either 147.000+, 145.490-, or my node 147.540s. Just dial 9877. You can also listen on EchoLink *NASA* conference #13599.

Chris Washburn, W1EAV
E-mail: w1eav-at-comcast-dot-net