AO-51 and K5D

Sure, you’ve worked the Desecheo Island DXPedition on HF, but do you want a real challenge? Why not try to work K5D via satellite? AMSAT-NA VP Operations, Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA announced:

The second repeater on AO-51 will be activated on February 16 and reserved only for contacts with the K5D Desecheo Island 2009 DXpedition while the satellite is within range of the island.

Drew has also requested that anyone using the second repeater on AO-51 follow a few rules to give K5D priority:

…if gridsquare FK68 is in the footprint there shouldn’t be any QSOs or calls that don’t involve K5D. Once FK68 is out of the footprint, it’s QRP rules. If you are not sure when they are out of the footprint, then stand down for the entire pass or until you hear someone say they are out of the footprint.

K5D may be active on either AO-51 repeater, SO-50 or the ISS voice repeater modes if available. If you have any questions regarding using AO-51 or amateur satellites in general please feel free to contact Ben, N1WBV at bbj-at-innismir-dot-net. See you on the birds!

New 6m Repeater for Cape Cod Area!

WA1QGU writes on the GEMOTO listserv:

After years of change, planning, site searching, dedicated time and hard work, the 53.0100/52.0100 at 173.8 hz encode/decode repeater is on the air at Barnstable, Cape Cod.

Those of us who have waited for any 6 meter coverage on the Cape and Islands can now map out a footprint.

He also writes that signal reports would be appreciated at both depsher911-at-comcast-dot-net and jvaldes-at-whoi-dot-edu.

W1MX Centennial Celebration

The MIT Radio Society (W1MX) will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding this April 30th, 2009. In commemoration, the Society will be operating a special event station, W1MX/100, for a two week period beginning on April 30th and issuing a special QSL card.

Additionally, the Society will be holding two events for Radio Society alumni at MIT during reunion week in June. More details are available on their website.

W1EAV Scanner Online

My scanner feed is now up. I have area public safety, towns, businesses, and a few ham and GMRS frequencies on there. If you use Windows Media Player under File select Open URL. Type I don’t have the best antenna on it at the moment, but in the future I will try to put a outside antenna up. This runs off Verizon DSL at my IRLP link site. My IP address there sometimes changes. If for some reason it changes and you try to connect and it doesn’t, e-mail me and I will send you the right address. Thanks everyone. 73

FCC Going After TV Stations Shutting Off Analog Early

The Federal Communications Commission has told 123 TV stations that were planning to stick to the Feb. 17 cutoff date for analog broadcasts that they will have to justify not extending their transmissions for four months. Providence, R.I. (6,10 and 12 and the UHF’s), are among the effected areas. I also have it on good authority that Salt Lake City (Corporate home of WLWC CW28 Freetown) is planning to shut ALL analog TV transmissions off. WE SHALL SEE!!! Check out the FULL article here Stay tuned. Things are just starting to HEAT UP!!! -Dave W1DJG

Classic Exchange Contest – February 15th

The CX is a no-pressure contest celebrating the older commercial and homebrew equipment that was the pride and joy of ham shacks many decades ago. The object is to encourage restoration, operation and enjoyment of this older “Classic” equipment. However, you need not operate a Classic rig to participate in the CX. YOU MAY USE ANY RIG in the contest although modern gear is a distinct scoring disadvantage. You can still work the “great ones” with modern equipment. For more information on schedule, rules and frequencies, visit the CX website.

OK Guys… Don’t Forget!

Valentines Day is this Saturday so don’t forget to get your YL or XYL that fine heart shaped box of truffles from Dorothy Cox in Fairhaven or your favorite fine candy store. Don’t find yourself in the dog house this early in the year!

It’s Flea Market Season

Still have mounds of snow that haven’t melted yet but it’s Flea Market season this weekend. The Algonquin ARC in Marlboro has their flea on Valentines Day (a real hit with your YL or XYL). See the flyer for detais. The Greater Boston Antique Radio Collectors group has their “Radio XL” event in Westford featuring an antique radio flea market. It’s an expensive event to attend and show ($11 admission plus $33/table to sell) but if you’re into the old stuff, there are not many events like this around. See the flyer for details. See the entire flea market listing maintained by W1GSL.