When Radio Shack Was Cool

Remember when these catalogs were worth hours of reading…again, again and again? Here’s a great collection of Rat Shack catalogs starting with 1939 thru present day. The site is missing some issues so if you run across one, send it in for scanning. I really miss the pre-1970’s Radio Shack! Thanks to John, WA1LSH for the link.

AO-27 Returns to Servce

There’s been a flurry of activity recently on the AMSAT-BB listserv about AO-27. Thanks to the efforts of the command team, the satellite has been restarted and is now operational again. The AO-27 webpage still lists the satellite as “On Orbit Checkout” which means the satellite may not fully operational yet, but there are people reporting to the mailing list that the repeater is active over North America.

AO-27 is an older satellite, being inserting into orbit in 1993. Because it is so old, the satellite is timed to only be in “repeater” mode while over North American latitudes, with it being in telemetry mode immediately before and after. To get more details on the schedule, check out the AO-27 webpage.

Many thanks to the AO-27 command team for their efforts in keeping the bird in service.

AO-51 and K5D

Sure, you’ve worked the Desecheo Island DXPedition on HF, but do you want a real challenge? Why not try to work K5D via satellite? AMSAT-NA VP Operations, Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA announced:

The second repeater on AO-51 will be activated on February 16 and reserved only for contacts with the K5D Desecheo Island 2009 DXpedition while the satellite is within range of the island.

Drew has also requested that anyone using the second repeater on AO-51 follow a few rules to give K5D priority:

…if gridsquare FK68 is in the footprint there shouldn’t be any QSOs or calls that don’t involve K5D. Once FK68 is out of the footprint, it’s QRP rules. If you are not sure when they are out of the footprint, then stand down for the entire pass or until you hear someone say they are out of the footprint.

K5D may be active on either AO-51 repeater, SO-50 or the ISS voice repeater modes if available. If you have any questions regarding using AO-51 or amateur satellites in general please feel free to contact Ben, N1WBV at bbj-at-innismir-dot-net. See you on the birds!

New 6m Repeater for Cape Cod Area!

WA1QGU writes on the GEMOTO listserv:

After years of change, planning, site searching, dedicated time and hard work, the 53.0100/52.0100 at 173.8 hz encode/decode repeater is on the air at Barnstable, Cape Cod.

Those of us who have waited for any 6 meter coverage on the Cape and Islands can now map out a footprint.

He also writes that signal reports would be appreciated at both depsher911-at-comcast-dot-net and jvaldes-at-whoi-dot-edu.

W1MX Centennial Celebration

The MIT Radio Society (W1MX) will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding this April 30th, 2009. In commemoration, the Society will be operating a special event station, W1MX/100, for a two week period beginning on April 30th and issuing a special QSL card.

Additionally, the Society will be holding two events for Radio Society alumni at MIT during reunion week in June. More details are available on their website.