SEMARA Clambake

Tickets are now available from Henry, W1GYL or Scott, W1EV. The bake is scheduled for Saturday, December 8th, rain or shine. Seating is limited to 50 so buy yours today! The cost is only $20 per seat.

2008 SEMARA Elections – December 6th

Nominations for 2008 positions for officers, BOD, and trustee are open. Most incumbents are running for re-election but nominations are still being accepted for any position.

Here are your current nominees:

President: W1CH
Vice President: K1KVV
Secretary: Open
Treasurer: KB1NB

BOD: K1JGV, N1ITQ, W1DJG, K1CJS, WX1DOG (elect 3)

Trustee: K1CJS, W1AFD, WA1ZCB, W1ZYV (elect 1)

Any club member is eligible to run for one or more offices. Club officers make up four of the seven BOD positions, leaving three open for election. If any club member is interested in serving for any elected position for the 2008 calendar year, please email n1ti.semara(at)

Get Well…

Chuck, KD1DA, who is still at St. Luke’s in New Bedford.

Bob, K1KVV, who is recuperating from a knee replacement at home.

Chicken BBQ

Chicken BBQ Set for October 27 at the SEMARA clubhouse. Tickets are available from Henry, W1GYL and Scott, W1EV.

SEMARA Tailgate Cancelled!

Regretfully, the 2007 SEMARA Tailgate has been canceled. Due to an oil spill on the property, much of the real estate is unavailable due to temporary storage of contaminated soil and a safe zone that needs to be maintained around the excavation site. The membership feels that it is too risky to invite guests under the current circumstances.

Please remember us next year as we hope to have this unfortunate event behind us.

Questions? flea [at] semara [dot] org.

Oil Spill

An oil spill on or about July 19, 2007 results in costly damage at SEMARA. See the SEMARA Photo Gallery.

General Call for Newsletter Content

The deadline for the August edition of Zero Beat is right around the corner. Please contribute photos, stories, how you got started in the hobby, etc. Perhaps a short story regarding a project you are working on, a new radio or antenna or report on an event you attended recently. Contact our Zero Beat editor, Bob, K1KVV today!

Repeater Maintenance

On Thursday, July 19, 2007 in the late afternoon, the 147.000 repeater will be switched to its internal controller while maintenance is preformed. The repeater will temporarily have no courtesy tone or access to IRLP or EchoLink. Local QSOs may commence; just be aware that the courtesy tone will be absent. Normal operation will be restored no later than Friday, July 20, 2007 late night.

This is being done in order to replace the VoIP computer which supplies the repeater with IRLP and EchoLink. The repeater controller interface is also being modified to allow the alarm panel from the club house to be connected.