Nominating Committee – Positions Available

The nominating committee is recruiting candidates for the following elected positions:

Club Secretary – Remainder of 2007 term

Trustee – Remainder of 2010 term

If you are interested in running for either position (or both), please contact Tim Smith, N1TI for consideration by the nominating committee.

Cushcraft R5 Stored

The Cushcraft R5 vertical that recently came down during high winds had been stored in the locked fence surrounding the 80′ log periodic antenna tower. As of Sunday, July 15 it was noticed missing. If a club member moved it somewhere on the grounds for storage, or took it mistakenly for parts or scrap, please contact any member of the Technical Committee. Just a reminder, that any club property, regardless of it’s condition, has to be approved by either the BOD or the club membership depending on it’s value before it can be removed from club property.

All-Band Vertical Removed

The remaining all-band vertical was removed from the hut by Dave, W1DJG with Tim, N1TI providing ground support. After inspecting the antenna following the removal, the technical committee determined that extensive refurbishing will be required. The 75 meter resonator mount was rusted through and two of the capacity hat elements came off. All inductor joints will need cleaning and reworking. A recommendation to the BOD was made that when the club is ready to install a new vertical, that we seek an alternative solution. The BOD will make it’s recommendations at the next club meeting regarding the sale or auction of the vertical to an interested member.

New Building Update

It was determined at the June 7, 2007 SEMARA Business Meeting that a voted taken at the May Business Meeting on the subject of New Building Guidance was deemed invalid by concerned members. The Board of Directors supported this determination and agreed to send out an informational mailing regarding the pros and cons of going with Building Option A or Building Option B. Details for both options will be forthcoming on the website soon.

A general mailing to the membership will provide the details.

It was decided that due to the holiday week and anticipated low turnout that the Building vote be delayed until the August Business Meeting.

New Building Options

Members attending the regular business meeting listened to the pros and cons of two building expansion options presented by the New Building Committee Chairman, Dave Dean – W1JGV as well as several members weighing in on the discussion. After nearly a one hour discussion the membership voted for “Option B”, a plan to proceed with developing a plan to add to the existing structure and to make necessary repairs to the existing structure. “Option A” promoted the razing of the existing structure and starting fresh with an open floor plan metal structure . This meeting did not authorize spending at this time but merely defined the path that SEMARA takes. PROGRESS! Special thanks go to the new building committee for taking the bull by the horns and moving the agenda forward.

NEARFest (New England Amateur Radio Fest)

“Deerfield” is back! Back to the old familiar Deerfied, NH fairgrounds where the Hosstraders event was at its best. The tradition continues under a new organization, NEARFest (New England Amateur Radio Fest). Mark May 4th and 5th on your calendars now!

K1IBR Memorial Dinner

K1IBR Memorial Dinner featuring steamship roast, pork loins and side dishes. Come celebrate the memories of our dear friend, Bill Miller, K1IBR on Saturday, April 14th at 12:00pm at “Miller Hall” (new clubhouse memorial name). Open to All SEMARA members and spouses. Members of Bill’s immediate family will be present. Keep the date open and please send an E-Mail to Scott Szala confirming your intention to attend and how many, to facilitate the purchasing of food and assurance of ample availability.

Bill Miller, K1IBR, SK

We lost a dear friend of SEMARA on Monday, February 5, 2007.  William Macy Miller, Jr., K1IBR passed away after a brief illness.  Armand, W1BUG, myself and a few other SEMARA members have contributed photos which I have assembled into this short video piece.  Rest in peace Bill.

73 de Tim, N1TI

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  • Visit his obituary from The Standard-Times via Legacy with a guestbook and condolences.
  • Visit his obituary from Potter Funeral Service via Current Obituary with a guestbook and condolences.
  • Visit the Eastern Massachusetts ARRL website for a story on Bill.

The Camel round-table net on February 5, 2007 at 7:00 PM on the SEMARA 147.000 repeater had several check-ins, with many sharing their thoughts on Bill’s passing.  The net lasted approximately 38 minutes.