SEMARA owns and operates three analog voice repeaters, plus an APRS digipeater station.  These four systems are situated at the rear of club property below a 180 foot multiple tenant communications tower.  SEMARA, which has exclusive rights to the top of the tower, has dedicated 1-5/8″ Andrews Heliax feedlines for its systems.

The tower also hosts numerous wireless providers through NETCOM via a lease agreement, including AT&T Mobility, MetroPCS, Sprint Corporation, T-Mobile US and Verizon Wireless.  Several public safety and commercial systems including repeaters for the Dartmouth Fire Department (District 1) and Tremblay’s Bus Company, plus a voted receiver for the Dartmouth Police Department‘s digital P25 repeater are also located on this tower.

For more information on one of SEMARA’s systems, simply click on its link to jump to a full description:


147.000 Dartmouth Repeater

SEMARA proudly owns and operates the 147.000 Dartmouth Repeater.  It carries the club call sign of W1AEC.  It is open to all radio amateurs without requiring membership.  This is a full service 100 watt repeater with an antenna height of about 150 feet above average terrain (HAAT).  The system features a wide-area coverage including all of Southeastern Massachusetts.  Fixed and mobile station coverage includes Providence and most of eastern Rhode Island, most areas south of Boston, and the western half (Upper Cape) of Cape Cod plus the islands.

In times of real emergencies, all normal communications must cease to allow for priority traffic.  This repeater is affiliated with Massachusetts RACES (Region 2, Sector A).  Our sector’s on-air RACES drill is held on this repeater the first Monday of each month at 7:30pm.  It also serves as a backup for Eastern Massachusetts ARES/SKYWARN (primary is the 145.490 Dartmouth repeater sponsored by SCMARG).  The repeater has auxiliary power, with the ability to stay on the air for days at a time without commercial power.  If the site’s primary 120 VAC commercial power is lost, the 100 watt amplifier is automatically bypassed via a relay and the repeater runs at 20 watts output to conserve battery power.

Extending coverage beyond the limits of RF, this repeater system supports the the VoIP networks of IRLP and EchoLink for inbound and outbound connections.  These two networks allow any amateur using the repeater to link to other amateurs across the country or around the world.  The internet connection is provided by Comcast Business Class and is supplied to the repeater site building from the clubhouse via a Point-to-Point (PtP) 5 GHz wireless bridge.  Like the repeater itself, all amateurs are welcome to use these links without requiring membership.  The DTMF access codes for IRLP and EchoLink are standard.  Simply enter the node number for IRLP or star (*) plus the node number for EchoLink and “73” disconnects either connection.  Please note that after 20 minutes of local inactivity, the connection will timeout and any active link will be automatically disconnected.

Technical Specifications

Location: NETCOM Communications Tower
54 Donald Street
Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Established: 1974 – Homebrew
1984 – Kendecom KRP 5000
1/2001 – Motorola Micor
7/2004 – Hi Pro R4V/EV1
12/2005 – Kenwood TKR-750
Call Sign: W1AEC
Formerly WR1ADR
Band: 2 Meters (VHF)
Output Frequency: 147.000 MHz
Input Frequency: 147.600 MHz (+600 kHz)
CTCSS (PL) In/Out: 67.0 Hz
Output Power: 100 Watts (20 Watts Auxiliary)
IRLP Node: 4210
EchoLink Node: 4210 (W1AEC-R)
Default Link Status: Unlinked


224.800 Dartmouth Repeater

More information and pictures will be added in the future.

Technical Specifications

Location: NETCOM Communications Tower
54 Donald Street
Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Established: 4/13/2011 – Hi Pro R1
10/3/2014 – Off The Air
7/16/2015 – BridgeCom BCR-220
Call Sign: W1AEC
Band: 1.25 Meters (VHF)
Output Frequency: 224.800 MHz
Input Frequency: 223.200 MHz (-1.6 MHz)
Input Frequency (Aux): 438.800 MHz (+214 MHz)
CTCSS (PL) In/Out: 67.0 Hz
Output Power: 30 Watts
IRLP Node: 4215
EchoLink Node: 4215 (W1AEC-L)
Remote Base: 16 Channel UHF
Motorola GM300
Default Link Status: Quahog Repeater Network
Repeater: BridgeCom Systems ComLink™ BCR-220
Controller: S-COM 7330
Antenna: NRG Comet CX-333*
Duplexer: Bird Technologies/TX RX Systems
Battery Backup: No

* The SEMARA Repeater Committee recommends to the SEMARA membership that we upgrade to a dedicated 220 MHz repeater antenna in the future.  This ideally would be the Sinclair Technologies model SD214 four bay offset dipole.  The offset pattern should be east/west to add slightly more gain over the South Coast and less south to the ocean.  We should request for it to be black anodized with a lightning spike.  This commercial antenna will greatly improve the coverage.


927.8375 Dartmouth Repeater

More information and pictures will be added in the future.

Technical Specifications

Location: NETCOM Communications Tower
54 Donald Street
Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Established: 9/19/2009 – Motorola MSF5000
Call Sign: W1AEC
Band: 33 Centimeters (UHF)
Output Frequency: 927.8375 MHz
Input Frequency: 902.0625 MHz (-25.775 MHz)
CTCSS (PL) Input: 77.0 Hz
CTCSS (PL) Output: 67.0 Hz
Output Power: 150 Watts
IRLP Node: 4617
EchoLink Node: none
Default Link Status:
New England Amateur Radio
900 MHz (NEAR-900) Network


144.390 Dartmouth APRS Digipeater

More information will be added in the future.  This APRS station is running on a temporary Kantronics TNC loaned by Jeff-N1ZZN.  iGate functionality might be restored at some point in the future, possibly using a TNC-Pi.