* ARRL CEO Howard Michel, WB2ITX, will operate W1AW to help members of the amateur radio community get to know Howard Michel, WB2ITX, the relatively new chief executive officer of the American Radio Relay League, a little better, the organizers of the “ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast” are putting on an event that will give ham radio operators the opportunity to chat with him in a very natural setting for all hams – on the air!

Michel will be at ARRL’s Maxim Memorial Station W1AW on Monday afternoon, May 13, at 2 p.m. EDT, operating on 20 meters (around the 14.250 MHz frequency on SSB) and will be ready to talk to anyone who wants to “work” him. Also, to commemorate this event, ARRL is creating a special QSL Card for those who connect with Michel via Maxim Memorial Station W1AW. Organizers hope that this card will become a prized part of most hams’ collections.

* Source: April 2019 – Eastern Massachusetts (EMA) Section News

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  1. This ARRL W1AW event has been cancelled because of a potential violation of FCC rules prohibiting ham radio operations being mixed with the interests of a commercial enterprise.

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