13 Colonies Special Event – Call For Operators!

Bob, K1KVV is looking for operators at SEMARA for “The Original 13 Colonies Special Event” which will be held July 1st to July 5th.  If you are interested in operating for this event, please contact Bob.  Below is Bob’s email request of May 6th:

This event runs 24/5 – all modes on HF and simplex on 6-m and 2-m. It starts Friday, July 1 at 0001 EDT (1 minute after midnight) through Tuesday, July 5 at 2359 EDT (1 minute before midnight). So far, I have one volunteer for some coverage on Saturday and Sunday – really need to have at least a dozen Generals (or higher) for HF. If we can support this event, we’ll be operating as a Special Event station, callsign K2H.

I have emailed Ken-KU2US that W1AEC will be doing this.
I hope I don’t have to renege due to lack of SEMARA involvement.

~Bob-K1KVV :: Radio Activities