147.000 Repeater IRLP & EchoLink Restored

As of Tuesday, September 3, 2013, the long awaited restoration of IRLP and EchoLink on SEMARA’s 147.000 repeater is complete.  As with SEMARA’s 902 MHz repeater, the controller was upgraded to a brand new S-COM 7330 and the node PC was replaced with the Raspberry Pi.  The new node (called a “PiRLP”) draws less than 1A and is connected to the repeater’s 12VDC battery backup system.  An internet switch and wireless link to the clubhouse will soon be rewired to the battery backup system as well.  With the completion of this upgrade, the repeater’s courtesy tone and better sounding audio has also been restored.

SEMARA’s 147.000 repeater node is normally idle, ready for incoming or outgoing connections.  To make an outgoing connection on IRLP from the repeater, simply enter the 4 digit node number.  To make an outgoing connection on EchoLink from the repeater, simply enter star (*) plus the node number.  To disconnect from either network, enter 73.  To make an incoming connection into the repeater from an external node, the IRLP node number is 4347 and the EchoLink node number is 4343 (W1AEC-R from the EchoLink software).

Enjoy and thank you for your patience during the last several months.

– Richard J. Cabral, W1RJC
SEMARA Repeater Committee Chairman