2011 SEMARA Elections – December 2nd

Nominations for 2011 Officers, Board of Directors, and Trustee are now official.  A nominating committee was not established in advance, so nominations were accepted during the November business meeting and then closed.

SEMARA Election Day is Thursday, December 2, 2010.  Voting will begin after the 7:00pm business meeting.  Here are your current nominees:

Louis D. Mester, W1CH
Marcel L. Dumont, W1MLD

Robert B. Kelley, K1KVV

Richard J. Cabral, W1RJC

Michael J. McDonald, KB1NB

Board of Directors (3):
Bradford E. Paiva, W1BEP
David G. Dean, K1JGV
Eric J. Pierce, N1WCO
John B. Walsh, WA1LSH
Joseph E. Krisnosky, Jr., N1IXC

Joseph E. Krisnosky, Jr., N1IXC
Charles A. Days, WA1JFD

Update 11/05/2010:  John, WA1LSH was nominated for Trustee, but he already holds that position through 2013.  Joe, N1IXC is now running unopposed.

Update 11/21/2010:  Charlie, WA1JFD added as running for Trustee, per an email by Marcel, W1MLD.