222 MHz Repeater Coming Soon!

At the November business meeting, Rick, W1RJC offered to donate a brand new 222 MHz repeater to SEMARA if the club was willing to purchase duplexers and related accessories to complete the project.  After some discussion, the membership voted unanimously to allocate funds and get the repeater on the air.  The NESMC construction permit for 224.800 MHz, PL 67.0 has been transferred to SEMARA from SCMARG.  Rick anticipates that we could possibly have the repeater on the air by the end of 2010.

The repeater is a Hi Pro R1 by Maggiore Electronic Lab.  It was originally going to be placed on the air in Dartmouth along side SCMARG’s 927.6500 repeater.  The 222 MHz side of our existing Comet CX-333 on the top of the tower will now be used.  The existing SCom 7330 controller that is used for our 900 MHz repeater will also be used to control the 222 MHz repeater.  Through DTMF, members will be able to cross-link the 222 MHz repeater with our 900 MHz repeater (and NEAR-900 network) on demand.