2018 QST Antenna Design Competition

The 2018 competition challenge: design the best LF, MF, or HF antenna for limited space applications.

  • Entrants should send their best designs for evaluation according to the competition rules.
  • Designs that don’t win a prize might still be eligible for publication in a future issue of QST
  • Only one entry per person (or team).
  • Submission deadline is September 1, 2018.

ARRL is offering three cash prizes for this competition.

  • First place is $600.
  • Second place is $250
  • Third place is $150.

Design and Submission Requirements

  • Antennas must be designed for one or more bands between 2200 meters and 10 meters.
  • Must fit within a 30 × 50 foot area.
  • Stand no taller than 30 feet at any point.

Participants must submit:

  • Drawings with dimensions (hand drawings are okay)
  • List of materials
  • Description and summary of any measurements taken, including modeling and files (modeling is not a requirement)
  • Photographs
  • Discussion of observed on-the-air results and any comparisons with other antennas
  • Submitter’s name, postal address, and email address

All antennas must be the sole creations of the entrants and not available for sale.
Winners will be chosen based on ingenuity of design, mechanical and electrical safety, expected performance, and durability.
The judges’ decisions are final.

Entrants must be ARRL members.

Mail entries to:

  • QST
  • ATTN: Antenna Design Competition
  • 225 Main St.
  • Newington, CT 06111

Participants may also email <qst@arrl.org> their entries: include call sign and subject line of “2018 Antenna Design Competition.”
Those who need to submit more than 6 MB of material should use separate email messages.
Do not send compressed ZIP files, as these will be rejected.

Full details appear in the June 2018 issue of QST.