AO-51 and K5D

Sure, you’ve worked the Desecheo Island DXPedition on HF, but do you want a real challenge? Why not try to work K5D via satellite? AMSAT-NA VP Operations, Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA announced:

The second repeater on AO-51 will be activated on February 16 and reserved only for contacts with the K5D Desecheo Island 2009 DXpedition while the satellite is within range of the island.

Drew has also requested that anyone using the second repeater on AO-51 follow a few rules to give K5D priority:

…if gridsquare FK68 is in the footprint there shouldn’t be any QSOs or calls that don’t involve K5D. Once FK68 is out of the footprint, it’s QRP rules. If you are not sure when they are out of the footprint, then stand down for the entire pass or until you hear someone say they are out of the footprint.

K5D may be active on either AO-51 repeater, SO-50 or the ISS voice repeater modes if available. If you have any questions regarding using AO-51 or amateur satellites in general please feel free to contact Ben, N1WBV at bbj-at-innismir-dot-net. See you on the birds!