The Highway Patrol Saves the Day!

Check out this whimsical story about the Highway Patrol and how it saves a ham radio operator and his girlfriend from a dangerous radioactive piece of “oil research equipment” stolen by a “sneak thief”. The “ARRL” sends out life saving announcements as Broderick Crawford saves the day. Check out this and other great shows at

Upcoming Fleas

Falling leaves and frost on the ground does not mean an end to regional flea market activity. This weekend sees two popular events including the famed Nearfest (formerly Hosstraders) at the original Deerfield, NH Fairgrounds. Starting Friday and lasting thru Saturday afternoon. The next day, the last MIT Flea of the season will be held. When you thought it was all over, in a just a fews after the MIT Flea, our neighboring Falmouth Amateur Radio Association will hold its annual flea market at the Bourne Upper Cape Regional Vocational Technical High School on November 7th. And for you photography fans, the “Deerfield of Cameras”, Photographica, will be held in Westfield on October 24-25.

W1AA Boston Light Activation Planned

W1AA will activate Boston Light USA073 and The Graves USA341 for the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society on September 5, 2009 8:30 AM EDST (1230 UTC) to 2:00 PM EDST (1800 UTC) Operation will start on 7233.0 then we will go to 14270.0. All frequencies are plus or minus QRM. If it is not possible to operate on 14270 because of nets or QRM, we will QSY above 14310.0. CW operation will be on 7040.0 and 14040.0 plus or minus QRM.

Watch the DX Summit for W1AA spots by visiting the DX Summit. Use the call search function to find W1AA postings.

DX please QSL via the bureau, Stateside via W1AA address OK on QRZ.COM, please with an S.A.S.E. Band conditions are not the best so if you cannot copy us at first, please hang in there as the band can change in 10 minutes. Please be patient as we will be doing this activation alone, this is our first try at a solo activation. If this activation is successful we will be going out to more lights in the future. Several that have never been activated.

KTF Whitey K1VV ARLHS #957
W1AA Marconi Radio Club

LaCrosse Smart Battery Charger

We usually don’t offer commercial endorsements for products, however this is worthy of passing along to SEMARA members. If you are like me and do the AA/AAA battery shuffle, a good smart charger is indispensable. Between the cameras, flash units, family radios, flashlights, and endless other toys I have about 30 batteries in rotation. I have a similar charger by another manufacturer that I paid twice the amount for but does exactly the same thing. This charger is capable of individually charging each cell and providing performance data. You can intermix nicad or ni-mh and even cell sizes. One of the big benefits is the ability to discharge and recharge, condition and prepare new cells for use. I’ve seen a huge capacity increase by using this charger. The other nice thing is that the charger will indicate each cell’s charged capacity on the display. It’s on sale at Amazon for only $29.99 with free shipping.

Motorola Transceiver Programming Workshop

Tony, NN1D will at the club on Sunday morning, August 30th from 9 AM until 12 noon to host a Motorola radio programming workshop. Several club members have invested in surplus 900 MHz radios in preparation for SEMARA’s new repeater to be installed later this year. 900 MHz is anticipated to be especially popular due to the recent demise of the 440 MHz band in Eastern MA due to PAVE PAWS. Bring your radios and your questions for Tony!

Get Well WB1FQP

Word has it that long time SEMARA member Alan, WB1FQP is in Boston having bypass surgery. Let’s wish Alan a speedy recovery by sending him a card in care of his daughter, Susan at the address below:

Al Dulong
c/o Susan Langley
3 Bradford Road
Milford, MA 01757

Update 08/15/2009: Alan is out of the hospital and is resting comfortably at home. He says thanks for the get well cards!