BBQ or Potluck Dinner – September 2011

SEMARA is tentatively planning on offering either a BBQ or Potluck Dinner.  If scheduled, it will be held on a Saturday sometime in the month of September.  Details have not yet been finalized, as SEMARA Board of Directors member Joe, N1IXC is looking for your input.  For more information, see Joe’s message below.

Joe writes:

South Coast Local BBQ Packages

At the last business meeting, Armand, W1BUG had some information about a caterer that would put on a BBQ dinner for the club. On Friday I called the caterer and talked to him about putting this on. He stated that we would have to get a minimum of 10 people. He could bring the cart to cook the food at the club, which would cost more, or we could pickup the food ready to eat from him. He sent me a menu and pricing which I attached to this email [note: see PDF document above]. I will also print the menu out and put it on the board at the club.

I will need a few people to help me set this up when and if this is going to happen. If someone wants to give me a hand on this, please send me an email. I will also have a sign up sheet at the club. For the date, I was thinking some Saturday in September. If anyone has any ideas or comments, please pass them along.

Thank you,

Joe K. N1IXC

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