Unlicensed Operator “W2RFW” on MMRA Belmont

Over the past week, the Minuteman Repeater Association (MMRA) has had an unlicensed operator on the MMRA 145.430 Belmont repeater.  He identifies as “Dean” and claims he lives in Milton or used to live in Milton (the story changes).  He also claims to be 57.  He uses the call sign W2RFW, which is not in the ULS database.  He appears to engage in normal ham conversation, and other than the fact that he is unlicensed, does not appear to be causing any interference or exhibiting any inappropriate behavior.

There is a Dean, age 88 in Milton with the call sign W2RWF.  Take note that the “WF” in this call sign inverted, is what the unlicensed operator is using.  A member of the MMRA has spoken to the real Dean on the phone.  He assures them that he is inactive.  His voice is markedly different from the operator heard on ’43.

If you hear this individual on-the-air, please do not engage him.  If you would like to do a check on the input to report his signal strength at your location, please send what you find to the MMRA – contact [at] mmra [dot] org.

The MMRA would be also interested in hearing if he has surfaced on other repeaters.

Radio Clubs of Yesteryear

Like people, radio clubs are born and eventually they die.  The Eastern Massachusetts ARRL section staff is compiling information about Eastern Massachusetts radio clubs that are no longer active.  It is only fitting that we take a moment to honor these Eastern Massachusetts clubs of yesteryear that have enriched our lives.

Please send any information you might have to Assistant Section Manager (ASM) Phil Temples, K9HI – k9hi [at] arrl [dot] org.

Plymouth 146.685 Repeater – New PL 131.8

John, K1JRO reports:

Good Evening,

The 146.685 Plymouth, Massachusetts Genesis Repeater, N1ZIZ, as of April 1st, 2018 has a new PL tone.  The CTCSS has been changed from 82.5 Hz to 131.8 Hz.  It is recommended that both encode/decode be changed on all your radios, since the repeater is transmitting both analog FM and digital.  This will help listeners to avoid hearing the noise digital operation produces on the analog side.

Short Story: Change your PL associated with the 146.685 N1ZIZ repeater to a CTCSS of 131.8 Hz post haste.

Please note the Eastern MA Hospital Net will continue to use analog communications.

John O’

MMRA Boxboro! Raffle Winners

If you purchased tickets at the Boxboro! convention for the MMRA raffle, these are the lucky winners:

  • Icom IC-2730A – Larry, W1DYJ
  • Yaesu FT-65R – Steve, KA1U
  • Repeater Directory – Bob, K1WVU

Questions?  Send email to web [at] mmra [dot] org
or write to: MMRA, PO Box 669, Stow, MA 01775

Submitted by: Bob David, KG1H

Free Tower, Mast and Discone Antenna


I received a call today from one of our members, Sonny Eddleston (K1USW), who wanted to pass this message along.  He has a tower and some pieces of pipes with a discone antenna on the top. This is all the information I have about this, because he had to get off the phone. If anyone wants this, it would be all free. You just have to take it down. If anyone needs any more information, [send a message to w1aec [at] semara [dot] org and we will provide you with Sonny’s cell phone number]. He lives in Fairhaven, MA. Just passing the word.

73 Joe K N1IXC

New NEAR-900 Website: near900.com

As of Friday, January 3, 2014, the New England Amateur Radio 900 MHz (NEAR-900) network has a brand new website: near900.com.  SEMARA’s 927.8375 repeater is linked full-time to this network.  The website is a team effort by Jeff, N1ZZN and Rick, W1RJC.  It is very basic for now listing general information including full-time linked repeaters, 900 MHz Thursdays, South Shore 900 MHz Night and a link to the NEAR-900 Google Group.  Suggestions on other content would be appreciated as well.  Check it out and bookmark it today!

Extra Class “Crash Course” in Framingham

Looking to upgrade? This floated across my LinkedIn feed today:

Ed, W1NXC, will be offering his Extra “Crash” course to those who would like to upgrade to Extra Class. The course is free and open everyone, not just FARA members. The dates are Saturdays October 23, 30 and November 6 and take place at the FARA shack (Framingham, MA) from 9AM to noon. Email Ed at edaweiss [at] cs [dot] com, or call him at 508-881-2301 for more info.

Beltronics Amateur Equipment Repair Ends

I just received this from Beltronics. They WERE one of the ham radio repair centers located in New Hampshire. I guess amateur radio business must have really fallen off.

Note: There is someone who is carrying on with the ham radio repair.

From the Beltronics web site:

As of 4/5/2010, Beltronics regretfully announces we will no longer repair or service any Amateur Radio Equipment. Thank you for your years of patronage! We will complete ALL radio repairs that are currently in house. For future amateur equipment repair/service you may contact the following:

Quimby Mountain Radio
Jim Fowler (KA1SU)
Bow, NH