K1RJZ/R Boston 33cm Repeater New Frequency

Rick, K1RJZ writes on the NEAR-900 list:

The 900 MHz Boston freq is now changed thanks to the great work of Randy Krenz, N3HFK. Boston IRLP link to NEAR-900 also seems to be functional (audio wires may have been getting crunched in a small connector, now possibly remedied).

Randy and I have been testing the Boston 900 RX performance on the new freq and he can now hit the repeater almost DFQ from his outside deck in Ashland (3W walkie) and I can hit Boston 900 from my mobile on many roads in Southboro and Marlborough where I never could before.

If you would like to try it out, the new frequency is: 902.0625 input / 927.0625 output / D244 PL (Pending coordination, so it may change).