LaCrosse Smart Battery Charger

We usually don’t offer commercial endorsements for products, however this is worthy of passing along to SEMARA members. If you are like me and do the AA/AAA battery shuffle, a good smart charger is indispensable. Between the cameras, flash units, family radios, flashlights, and endless other toys I have about 30 batteries in rotation. I have a similar charger by another manufacturer that I paid twice the amount for but does exactly the same thing. This charger is capable of individually charging each cell and providing performance data. You can intermix nicad or ni-mh and even cell sizes. One of the big benefits is the ability to discharge and recharge, condition and prepare new cells for use. I’ve seen a huge capacity increase by using this charger. The other nice thing is that the charger will indicate each cell’s charged capacity on the display. It’s on sale at Amazon for only $29.99 with free shipping.