Discussion Mailing List

All SEMARA members in good standing are encouraged to subscribe and participate in our Discussion Mailing List.  This list is for SEMARA members to discuss topics relating to the club, ham radio and other related interests.  Email you receive from this list will always be prefixed with “[SEMARA]” in the subject field.

Subscribe or Unsubscribe

Please send us your request and include the following:

  1. Your Call Sign
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Please note that this mailing list is for SEMARA members only.  All requests are manually approved and non-member requests will be discarded.

Privacy Policy

The Southeastern Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association, Inc. will never share, sell or rent individual members personal information (including your email address or phone number) with anyone without your advance permission, unless ordered by a court of law.  SEMARA only discloses its members full name, amateur radio call sign and municipality (e.g., Dartmouth, MA) in its public membership roster available at SEMARA.org.

Messages sent to this list from subscribed email addresses are automatically approved and reflected to everyone.  Messages coming from a non-member email address are held for manual approval.  If your post is held because you have more than one email address, we will usually add your alternate email address to an automatic approval list for future convenience.  This arrangement has proven successful in preventing spam.