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This list is for SEMARA members to discuss topics relating to the club, ham radio and other related interests.  We encourage healthy, positive topics of discussion.  Any posts including personal attacks, strong negativity, political opinions, chain letters or other forms of spam are not allowed.  Email from this list will always begin with “[SEMARA]” in the subject field.  All SEMARA members in good standing should be subscribed and participate.

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Privacy Policy

The Southeastern Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association, Inc. will never share, sell or rent individual members personal information (including your email address or phone number) with anyone without your advance permission, unless ordered by a court of law.  SEMARA only discloses its members full name, amateur radio call sign and municipality (e.g., Dartmouth, MA) in its public membership roster available at SEMARA.org.

Messages sent to this list from your subscribed email address are automatically approved by default.  Non-member emails will be held for approval by a member of the SEMARA web committee for spam prevention.  If you have more than one email address and send a message to this list using it, your post will only be held the first time.  A committee member will add your secondary email address to an automatic approval list for future convenience.

Who’s In Charge?

The discussion mailing list is maintained by the SEMARA Web Committee.

Questions?  Contact us – web [at] semara [dot] org.