Computers & Wi-Fi

All SEMARA members in good standing have the right to use the computers at the clubhouse for web browsing and locally installed applications.  In addition, members may also use their own device (including phones, tablets and laptops) to gain access to the club’s wireless network (Wi-Fi) connection.

Please note that any person using the SEMARA network is responsible for any content that passes through it.  There will be zero tolerance for any abuse.  When using the network either via a club computer or through wireless, your are agreeing to abide by the SEMARA PC Code of Conduct as posted on the clubhouse bulletin board.

Clubhouse Computers

There are four SEMARA computer workstations; one in the clubhouse and three in the radio room.  To use one of the computers, simply turn on the computer you would like to use and you should automatically be logged into Windows 10.

Wireless Network

To use the club’s wireless connection, simply connect to one of the three available networks on your device of choice.  These networks are:

  • SEMARA_Clubhouse_2.4GHz
  • SEMARA_Clubhouse_5.0GHz
  • SEMARA_Radio_Room_2.4GHz.

The passwords to all three networks are the same.  Obtain the password that is posted on the wall at the clubhouse and enter it into your device’s password field.  Within seconds, you should have connectivity.

Who’s In Charge?

The clubhouse computers and network are maintained by the SEMARA Technical Committee.

Questions?  Contact us – technical [at] semara [dot] org.