New Club Router Installed

The club’s WRT54G router has seen better days. For the last few months we have been dealing with lockups and other bizarre behavior requiring club members to come by and kick start it. (Maybe some took “kick” starting to new heights as one of the antennas was broken too). Thanks to all that helped take care of the issue until we acquired a new router (you know who you are). Thanks to Armand, W1BUG for donating his router to the club. It was successfully installed and configured on June 1. Let’s hope that cures the chronic problems we had before. Please give it a workout by using SEMARA’s Echo/IRLP node on the W1AEC repeater or listen to the live scanner feed to area police departments. Also as a reminder, any club member can bring their laptops or wifi-enabled handhelds and use the club’s internet. Security access credentials are posted on the wall near the main club computer.