New England QSO Party Results

The New England QSO Party was held on Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th.  SEMARA participated in this event.

Bob Kelley, K1KVV writes:

Three of us operated during the contest period: Bob-K1KVV, Ben-N1WBV, and John-WA1ESO.
John worked RP67IF, a special event station located near Moscow, on CW.

QSOs: 45 – K1KVV, 40 – N1WBV, 73 – WA1ESO = 158 total.

Ben and I worked SSB and John worked CW, which gave us 73 extra points.
We worked 30 states and 14 DXCC entities for a multiplier of 44.
Our Claimed Score = 10164 !!!
Not too bad for a first time effort.

Bob, K1KVV
SEMARA Radio Activities