Dave, W2DAN writes on the SEMARA discussion list:

I want to let everybody know that there is a new Winlink 2000 Radio Message Server Node (RMS) W2DAN-10 on VHF at 145.010 It is time to dust of those TNC’s and check out Winlink2000. There are some good lessons online that will help you understand Winlink 2000 at http://www.winlink2000.org and joining the Winlink 2000 Yahoo group.

Winlink, also known as the “Winlink 2000 Network”, is a worldwide radio messaging system that combines the Internet and Amateur Radio technologies. The system provides such services as:

  • e-Mail with attachments
  • Position reporting
  • Graphic and text weather bulletins
  • Emergency and Relief communications
  • Traffic Relay

Dave also writes:

I will be installing a Kam + into the HAMCOW which will be used for APRS, VHF Winlink 2000 Airmail, and HF Winlink 2000 Airmail.. We will have this setup for FD and I will be happy to demonstrate and answer any question. If you are interested in setting up you station to receive Airmail let me know and I will do what I can help and answer any questions.