New Winlink 2000 Node

Dave, W2DAN writes on the SEMARA discussion list:

I want to let everybody know that there is a new Winlink 2000 Radio Message Server Node (RMS) W2DAN-10 on VHF at 145.010 It is time to dust of those TNC’s and check out Winlink2000. There are some good lessons online that will help you understand Winlink 2000 at and joining the Winlink 2000 Yahoo group.

Winlink, also known as the “Winlink 2000 Network”, is a worldwide radio messaging system that combines the Internet and Amateur Radio technologies. The system provides such services as:

  • e-Mail with attachments
  • Position reporting
  • Graphic and text weather bulletins
  • Emergency and Relief communications
  • Traffic Relay

Dave also writes:

I will be installing a Kam + into the HAMCOW which will be used for APRS, VHF Winlink 2000 Airmail, and HF Winlink 2000 Airmail.. We will have this setup for FD and I will be happy to demonstrate and answer any question. If you are interested in setting up you station to receive Airmail let me know and I will do what I can help and answer any questions.