NH Hams Assist in Rescue via DMR

On Sunday December 11, 2022, “When all else fails – Amateur Radio” proved to be more than just the ARRL tagline for 79 year old Edward E. Lawson, Jr., K1VP and his dog, an Alaskan malamute named Molly.

A leisurely day hike in Belmont, New Hampshire was going well, until they became lost and his cell phone battery died.  With the oncoming snow and darkness, the situation quickly turned into a serious health and safety issue.

Fortunately, he had his DMR HT and was able to make a call using the NH statewide talkgroup on the Gunstock Mountain (Gilford) DMR repeater.  After seeking assistance, his wife and public safety were notified through the help of several hams that were involved:

  • William J. Barber, Jr., NE1B
  • Richard J. Zach, K1RJZ
  • Charles R. Cunningham, K1MIZ

When All Else Fails – Amateur Radio

Kudos to Bill, Rick and Chuck!  The ARRL New England Division has posted the full story for your reading pleasure.  The Laconia Daily Sun also made this story front page news.