Repeater IRLP & EchoLink Returning Soon

Since a lightning strike at SEMARA in September 2010, the underground cable that runs between the clubhouse and repeater site hasn’t been working properly.  Although IRLP and EchoLink service was restored to both the 147.000 and 927.8375 repeaters, we have been noticing packet loss and dropped network links.

The repeater committee has decided to ditch the underground cable in favor of a wireless link between the clubhouse and repeater site.  Tony, NN1D of the SEMARA Repeater Committee has ordered a pair of Bullets by Ubiquiti Networks.  This device will establish a link between the two buildings without creating a physical connection prone to future surges or lightning strikes.

We will keep you posted on the installation of this new device, as well as a new IRLP node and repeater controller that has just arrived to be installed on the 224.800 repeater.


Richard J. Cabral, W1RJC
SEMARA Repeater Committee