Tech Talk: MARS – October 2nd

Update 10/2/2014: This tech talk did not take place due to the absense of AA1VU.  We hope to reschedule this tech talk for a future date.

SEMARA Tech Talk Coordinator Rich, K1XRN reports:

For the October 2nd meeting, Marian Juskuv AA1VU has asked to do a Tech Talk on Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS). He reached out to the club some time ago eager to do a presentation. He is now finally available to do one. He has done such talks for other clubs and has been received well.

Unless there are events scheduled for after general business of the club, I let him know to prepare to speak after general business is conducted. He will be bringing his own projector, so I assume there will be a visual component to the talk.

I will be out of the country at the time of the meeting, in Italy for vacation. Marian is aware of the club location and meeting time. Hope everyone enjoys the talk.

Rich Orluk K1XRN