W1AA Boston Light Activation Planned

W1AA will activate Boston Light USA073 and The Graves USA341 for the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society on September 5, 2009 8:30 AM EDST (1230 UTC) to 2:00 PM EDST (1800 UTC) Operation will start on 7233.0 then we will go to 14270.0. All frequencies are plus or minus QRM. If it is not possible to operate on 14270 because of nets or QRM, we will QSY above 14310.0. CW operation will be on 7040.0 and 14040.0 plus or minus QRM.

Watch the DX Summit for W1AA spots by visiting the DX Summit. Use the call search function to find W1AA postings.

DX please QSL via the bureau, Stateside via W1AA address OK on QRZ.COM, please with an S.A.S.E. Band conditions are not the best so if you cannot copy us at first, please hang in there as the band can change in 10 minutes. Please be patient as we will be doing this activation alone, this is our first try at a solo activation. If this activation is successful we will be going out to more lights in the future. Several that have never been activated.

KTF Whitey K1VV ARLHS #957
W1AA Marconi Radio Club