Wayne C. Kingsley, WA1CCM

Wayne, WA1CCM

Wayne Kingsley, WA1CCM died in Plymouth, MA: April 19, 1934 – February 28, 2021.  Wayne was originally licensed as KL7BFY.  According to the “History of the Association, 1932 – 1999” by Bill Miller, K1IBR, Wayne became a member of SEMARA in 1965.

He served as a club officer in 1971, first as Vice President and then as Secretary.  In 1977, he participated in the ground breaking ceremony for the new club house that was attached to the Quonset hut.

Ground Breaking
Wayne in the 80s

In the 1980s, Wayne worked at Commonwealth Electric.  He was in the radio shop, while Mike Ponte, W1BZJ was next door in the relay shop.  They both worked for Bill Miller, K1IBR.

Member for 67 years

All the members send their condolences to his friends and family.