Zero Beat – August 2011

Zero Beat for August 2011 is now online, compliments of editor Bob, K1KVV.

Zero Beat front page image

Inside This Issue:

  1. 13 Original Colonies Special Event Certificate

  2. It seems to me …
    13 Colonies feedback – Wayne,K1NBA

  3. Club Notes
    Technician License Class
    MA Statewide Hurricane Drill
    Next SEMARA VE Session
    Club Numbers
    Local Nets
    Local Repeater Directory

  4. Official Meeting Minutes: July 7, 2011

  5. SEMARA News
    Minutes continued
    K2H Comments
    SEMARA Field Day Score

  6. More SEMARA News
    Hurricane Watch Net Seeks New Members
    Free CRAM Session

  7. More SEMARA News
    The History of Zero Beat’s Classic Masthead
    1997 General Information

  8. Some Contests
    Answer: Sudoku
    VE Sessions
    Coming Fleas & Fests
    Answer: Hammin’ Around
    Club Activities