Zero Beat – August 2013

Zero Beat for August 2013 is now online, compliments of editor Bob, K1KVV.

Zero Beat front page image

Inside This Issue:

  • “BBQ Chicken Served”

  • It seems to me …
    Point to Ponder

  • Official Meeting Minutes
    “50%/50% Raffle”
    “Traffic Handlers Picnic”
    “Repeater Upgrades”

  • Club Notes
    Club Numbers
    Local Repeater Directories
    Next VE Session @ SEMARA
    Local Nets
    Club Activities

  • SEMARA News
    “13 Colonies Special Event Operation”

  • SEMARA News (cont)
    “13 Colonies Wrap-Up”
    “50 MHz and Up Contests”
    “I’m Looking for a Roving Partner”

  • SEMARA News (cont)
    “Some More Special Events”
    “50 MHz and Up… Everything Else is Just DC”

  • Some Special Events
    Local VE Sessions