Zero Beat – May 2012

Zero Beat for May 2012 is now online, compliments of editor Bob, K1KVV.

Zero Beat front page image

Inside This Issue:

  • “W1AEC & Radio Activity”

  • It seems to me …

  • Club Notes

  • Official Meeting Minutes

  • SEMARA News
    “Three Questions:”
    “Dayton Hamvention 2012 ®”
    “Handiham Slow Speed CW Net”

  • SEMARA News (cont.)
    “2011 NEQP Award”
    “200th Anniversary of the War of 1812″

  • SEMARA News (cont.)
    “Donald V. Tanguary, N1DT (SK)”
    “Don N1DT (SK), a Eulogy by Whitey, K1VV/W1AA”
    “Plymouth County Brush Breaker Drill”

  • Some Radio Events
    Local VE Sessions
    Coming FLEAS & FESTS
    Club Activities