Club Internet Restored

The club’s internet service has been restored as of December 23rd. Internet access is now available again from the club computer in the meeting hall as well as in the radio shack. Echolink and IRLP have not been restored due to a problem encountered with the Ethernet card of the link computer (Ethernet was tested down to the repeater hut OK). As soon as the holiday activities subside, we’ll have a closer look. 73 & Happy Holidays.

Scientists Predict Big Solar Cycle

Solar cycle 24, due to peak in 2010 or 2011 “looks like its going to be one of the most intense cycles since record-keeping began almost 400 years ago,” says solar physicist David Hathaway of the Marshall Space Flight Center. He and colleague Robert Wilson presented this conclusion last week at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco. Click here to read more.

FCC Eliminating Morse Code


The FCC has decided to drop all Morse code testing requirements for the Amateur Radio Service in the United States. This means that Technician and Technician Plus will have identical privileges, and there will be no code exam required for General and Extra Class. Presumably, those who now have General Class theory CSCE’s will be allowed to upgrade to General. This change brings the United States into line with many other countries worldwide that have eliminated a Morse requirement. In addition, the FCC affirmed its recent expansion of phone privileges on the 75 meter band.

Report and Order from the FCC

ARRL News Release

Mailing List Bounces

Received several reports of messages bouncing on the DISCUSSION list. Mail list is working fine according to Jaguar (our internet host). Have been working on setting up list alternatives avoid the spam blocks. Visit this page for future announcements regarding changes to the list.

New General

At the VE session at the club this morning, Arlene Arruda, KB1KGG, passed the 5 W.P.M. code test, and upgraded to General! Congratulations!