2018 President, Marcel Dumont, W1MLD would like to welcome you to the official website of SEMARA – The Southeastern Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association, Inc.  We are an amateur radio club established in 1932 that owns our own property in Dartmouth, Massachusetts and has over 350 members.  If you would like to contribute to this website, please contact the Web Committee by using the “Contact Us” link.

Site Updates

1/20/2018 W1RJC – Wrote story “Volunteer Registration Open – 2018 Boston Marathon.”
1/16/2018 W1RJC – Wrote story “Wanted: New W1AEC QSL Manager.”
1/13/2018 W1RJC – Updated story and title “SEMARA Radio Room Tutorial Postponed,” as WA1BXY has postponed this event.
1/11/2018 W1RJC New SEMARA letterhead for 2018 has been updated.
– Business Meeting Minutes for Thursday, January 11, 2018 has been posted in the “Minutes” section.
– Standing Committees, Special Committees and Supporting Positions have been updated in the “Contact Us” section per information provided tonight by Marcel, W1MLD as follows:
* Raymond A. Arruda, KB1EVX added to the “Buildings & Grounds” committee.
* Charles W. Moszczenski, KB1FRL removed from the “Scholarship” committee.
* William E. Gifford, W1HA promoted to fill the vacancy of chairman of the “Scholarship” committee.
* Antone Souza, III, NN1D promoted to fill the vacancy of chairman of the “Technical” committee.
* Richard M. Orluk, R.N., K1XRN removed from the “Tech Talk Coordinator” position (now vacant).
1/8/2018 W1RJC – Wrote story “SEMARA Radio Room Tutorial Postponed – January 14, 2018.”
1/3/2018 W1RJC – Cleanup of all stories written in 2017 to have their assets attached in the “yyyy-mm-dd.ext” format.
– Cleanup of all stories written in 2017 to remove extra HTML markup.
– Cleanup of all stories written in 2017 so that URLs that link externally open in a new browser tab.
– Cleanup of all stories written in 2017 to place all email addresses in the plaintext “email [at] address [dot] com” format for spam prevention.
– Added new category “ARES/RACES/SKYWARN.”
– Added new category “Fleas & Fests.”
– Renamed category “Amateur Radio Interest” to “General Interest.”
– Renamed category “VE Exams” to “Exams & Training.”
– Reviewed stories from the past few years and placed them into appropriate categories.
– Wrote story “Business Meeting Postponed – January 11, 2018.”
1/2/2018 W1RJC – Wrote story “Bill Vincent, W1POW, SK.”
1/1/2018 W1RJC – New story for 2018 updates created (what you are currently reading).
– “Contact Us” section updated with 2018 elected positions.
– Email forwarders updated.

Updates Archive

2017 Site Updates – log not kept
2016 Site Updates

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