147.000 Repeater IRLP & EchoLink Restored

As of Sunday, May 6, 2012, IRLP and EchoLink service has been restored on SEMARA’s 147.000 repeater.  A failed hard drive was replaced and the current version of IRLP was reinstalled running Linux CentOS 4.9.  EchoIRLP was also reinstalled to allow EchoLink access.  The loaned wireless internet link equipment between the SEMARA clubhouse and repeater site has been swapped out with new club owned equipment.

SEMARA’s 147.000 repeater node will normally be idle, ready for incoming or outgoing connections.  To make an outgoing connection on IRLP from the repeater, simply enter the 4 digit node number.  To make an outgoing connection on EchoLink from the repeater, simply enter star (*) plus the node number.  To disconnect from either network, enter 73.  To make an incoming connection into the repeater from an external node, the IRLP node number is 4347 and the EchoLink node number is 4343 (W1AEC-R from the EchoLink software).


Richard J. Cabral, W1RJC
SEMARA Repeater Committee