W1HQV/R Off The Air

AA1PL posts some bad news on the 76 LISTSERV:

The 146.760 repeater is off the air. I shut it down on Monday due to long periods of noise that was keeping the repeater keyed up. When I later tried to turn the repeater back on, it would not respond to the remote commands. It is stuck in the “knowck-down” state until one of us from the board of directors can get up to the repeater site and check things out.

We are slowly working on building a new 76 repeater but I’m not sure when it will be ready.

AA1PL points out the other repeaters are available during the interim:

  • 146.940 repeater in Cumberland, RI (PL 67.0)
  • 223.760 repeater in Scituate, RI (No PL)
  • 447.425 in Scituate, RI (No PL)

AA1PL also pointed out the 447.425 in Scituate, RI (No PL) and 443.850 in Exeter, RI (PL 141.3 repeaters. These two UHF repeaters are linked together.

While most of the repeaters don’t have the same coverage that the Scituate, RI repeater, the K1CR repeater in Cranston, RI is the best choice. However, W1HQV/R will be missed and hopefully will have a speedy recovery.